What’s New With Botox in 2022 & Why Now Is the Time To Try It

Botox is not just for wrinkles anymore. Although the popular injectable is still widely used for anti-aging applications, it is increasingly deployed to treat problems ranging from migraine headaches to hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. No matter what Botox is used for, the product is definitely here to stay.  Additionally there are new products that have come to the market that offer new options or benefits.

Botox Popularity Spiking Among Younger People

The pandemic dramatically reduced the number of performed cosmetic procedures. Now that vaccines are available to anyone who wants them, dermatologists and med spas are noticing that a younger group is stepping forward to try Botox injections. Botox patients are becoming younger on average, with the average recipient being closer to forty than fifty.

In terms of its anti-aging applications, Botox is used most frequently for forehead lines, such as the lines that frequently develop between the eyebrows. It is also commonly used to treat crow’s feet.

Jeuveau: The Newest Botox Product

2022 looks to be a banner year for the newest Botox alternative, Jeuveau. Although Jeuveau, like all Botox products, contains a safe botulinum neurotoxin, its formulation is what makes it stand apart. Jeuveau has a special formula that affects the strength, longevity, and efficacy of the new injectable.

Many patients are reporting that the results of their Jeuveau treatments are revealed more quickly and last longer than other Botox products. Normally, Botox results can be expected to develop in around four to six days. In the case of Jeuveau, many patients report results that are revealed even sooner.

How It Works

Jeuveau & Botox treatments consist of injection(s) into one or more facial muscles displaying so-called “dynamic wrinkles.” Unlike more superficial facial lines and wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles tend to be deeper and caused by underlying facial muscle contractions.

Both Botox & Jeuveau work by interfering with nerve impulses from the brain to the injected muscle, preventing it from forming a wrinkle at that location. After injection, both injections remain at the local site of the injection, rather than traveling systemically throughout the body.

In time, normally in three months or so, the effects of these injections began wearing off. At that time, the patient needs follow-up injections to maintain their wrinkle reduction results.

The steps involved with both Botox or Jeuveau treatments are as follows:

  1. Jeuveau or Botox is strategically injected into a facial muscle, binding to nerve cells and blocking the release of neurotransmitters.
  2. The resulting interruption of nerve impulses cause muscles forming expression lines to minimize their activity.
  3. As the injected facial muscles reduce their activity, the surface wrinkles that they normally cause become relaxed and smooth out.

The Takeaway 

Botox works just as well as it ever did. The fact that alternatives like Jeuveau are coming online is good news for consumers looking for different formulations.

The popularity of Botox products is expected to only grow in 2022 and beyond, as providers are becoming increasingly experienced and skilled in artfully administering this safe and effective cosmetic and medical treatment to patients.

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