Stem Cell Interleukins for Pain

More than 60% of Americans report having ongoing pain with more than 65 million of those suffering from backpain…but now there’s a real solution.

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Tired of all that pain?

Back pain is the most common type of pain, afflicting nearly 2 out of 5 people according to the findings from the National Center for Health Statistics.

“These stats reinforce the trends we’ve been seeing in the population for a long time,” says Adrian de la Torre, MD, owner & Medical Excecutive of DrTen20, the Antiaging MedSpa located in Orange County, CA.

“There are a number of things that contribute to chronic pain. Acute injuries that linger and morphe into ongong of chronic pain can be the start of lifelong issues,” says Dr. de la Torre. A number of issues including lack of exercise & sleep, escalating stress, smoking, depression and anxiety are linked to un-bridled pain that’s more severe, he also says.

Pain has been treated for years with addictive pain medications, steroid injections, TENS units, physical therapy, traction and more with limited positive results. However, now Stem Cell Interleukins can provide a real solution for some patients. The Interleukins are injected into the painful area. They produce a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate the body’s repair processes. It’s the ground-breaking, cutting-edge way to resolve chronic pain.

“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”

Julius Caesar

Are Interleukins the Answer?

Stemcell Therepy in Pain Medicine from the NIH: 

The main idea of applying stem cells to neuropathic pain is based on the ability of stem cells to release neurotrophic factors, along with providing a cellular source for replacing the injured neural cells, making them ideal candidates for modulating and possibly reversing intractable neuropathic pain.”

What more can we say?

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Do Stem Cell Interleukin Pain Treatments really work?

Stem Cell Pain Treatments

DrTen20 Interleukin Pain Services

Pain is widespread

Over 58% of all Americans report that they are living with daily pain – pain that often keeps them from doing the things they want to do in life.

Are Interleukins the Answer?

Pain has been treated for years with addicitve pain medications, steroid injections, tens units, physical therapy, traction and more with little or few positive results. However, now Stem Cell Interleukins can replace injured cells and provide a real solution for some patients. The Interleukins are injected into the area with pain, so damaged intervertabral discs can re-grow (for example) or so protective sinovial fluids and be regenrated in joints. It’s the ground-breaking, cutting-edge way to resolve chronic pain.

Stem Cell Loss = Pain

Why do people develop painful joints and muscles? Aging and genetics results in wear and tear of your joints, muscles and connective tissue. This causes inflammation and pain. Stem cells produce Interleukins (also known as Cytokines) These molecules have powerful effects on reducing inflammation, and subsequently pain. Additionally, they stimulate cell repair and regeneration. These effects diminish as we age because the number of Stem cells in your body decreases dramatically after the age of 30.


Stem Cell Interleukins are Less Invasive

As opposed to surgical interventions that can be painful or have long recovery times, Interleukins injected into damaged tissues can produce significant pain relief and tissue repair with improved functional results.

Interleukins can be used almost anywhere

Because Interleukins are small molecules they can be injected almost anywhere in your body and produce the desired benefits of cell repair.

Little or NO Downtime!

Stem cell Interleukin treatments are well tolerated and simple to perform. There is generally no downtime and improvement is seen within a few days in the majority of patients.



What People are Saying

“I’m 100% sold!”

I”ve tried everything for my back and leg pain including surgery and nothing really worked. I went to a pain clinic for years and thar doctor old me that 80% of his pain patients were POST OPERATIVE.  Stem Cell Interleukins are really amazing and the results are dramatically more positive then the surgical option

Lexi F. 

“Cutting edge medicine”

“I’ve had shoulder pain since I was 21.  I’m a golfer and shoulder pain is one of the worst things a person can get because it prevents us from being able to play the game we love. Stem cells are amazing and I feel lucky to be the beneficiary of this cutitng edge technology.  

Marvin P.

“Foot pain no more”

“Thank you Dr. de la Torre for turning me onto Interleukins. I haven’t been able to walk without pain for over 20 years due to my planters fasciatas. Finally I’ve found something that works.”

Lena A.

“I can surf again…”

I’m only 28 but I damaged my knees while surfing and nothing I have tried has helped even a little until these Stem Cells.  Thank you Dr. de la Torre! 

Ron S.