Stem Cells for Hair Rejuvenation

35 million men and 21 million women struggle with hair loss in the United States…but now there’s a real solution.

Our Story

Why does hair “disappear” as we get older?

Everyone wants thick, luxurious hair, but not everyone knows there’s a new solution that’s changing lives with Stem Cell Interleukins. Scientists have recently discovered that stem cells Interleukins can completely regrow hair. Unlike other hair solutions, Stem Cell Interleukin Hair Regrowth Treatments are simple: when stem cell Interleukins are implanted into hair follicles, new hair grows from them.

It’s a 100 percent natural and healthy way to grow new hair that’s the latest technology, taking advantage of cutting edge medicine.

This is a completely new treatment for hairloss and shouldn’t be compared directly with any other treatments. Contact us today to find out more or to set up a complimentary consultation! 

“Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you never take off!”


Hair Replacement Options

DrTen20 Interleukin Hair Replacement Services

Hair Loss

Most people think of older men when they think of baldness, but hair-loss knows no gender. 35 million men and 21 million women struggle with hair loss in the United States alone.

Are Interleukins the Answer?

Hair transplants have been used for years as a way to treat baldness, but now Stem Cell Interleukins can completely regrow hair. The Interleukins are implanted into the hair follicle, so new hair can grow from them. It’s the ground-breaking, cutting-edge way to grow new hair that’s ALSO natural & healthy.

Stem Cell Loss = Hair Loss

Why do people lose their hair?
While it’s true that people lose hair due to aging and genetics, other issues contribute to hair-loss. Too much sun or exposure to excessive chemicals, among other things, can cause hair folicals to shrivel and wash away.   


As a result the stem cells in hair folicals get damanged and can die all together. The greater the loss in stem cells in the folicals, the more hair you’ll lose. 

Stem Cells are Less Invasive

Previously used Hair transplant techniques were painful surgical procedures that removed strips of skin & scalp to transplant in another area. These surgeries have painful recovery times and they can  cause bleeding, numbness, itching with danger of infection, swelling, brusing and even a painful or uncomfortable crusting that forms around the implant.


In most hair follicle transplants, follicles are completely replaced with new skin and hair. A strip of skin and hair (usually taken from the back of the head or some other parts of the body) is transplanted to a new area.

This can be a very painful procedure that can leave severe scarring in both the area where the skin/hair is removed from and where it’s transplanted to. 

Stem cell hair treatments on the other hand are much more gentle and they aren’t painful and cause minimal to no scarring. Instead of removing skin & an entire hair follicles, only a small part of the follicle that can produce hairs is taken away.

The entire process is much more gentle. Scalpels aren’t used during these procedures and the doctor will only use a small needle for injection. 

Stem Cells can be used almost anywhere

Stem cells are unique because they can develop into different cells. They’re so popular in tissue repair therapy and surgical procedures because they’re versatile and can be used for a variety of things. Stem cell hair treatments usally use stem cells from hair follicles…


…but they can also be removed from other places in the body such as from the adipose tissue (fat) to help regrow hair. They can also be used almost anywhere as well! DrTen20 combines this cutting-edge metho of hair replaccement with platelet-rich plasma from blood that really helps to re-grow hair. 

You'll have FAST Recovery!

Some clients are hesitant to get traditional hair transplant surgeries because of the lengthy recovery times associated with them.  Stem cell Interleukins, on the other hand, heal very fast. The donor area can be fully recovered in as little as 2 days and you can be fully healed in as little as 7 days!



Patients who opt for traditional hair transplant surgery can be in recovery for more than a week and those who develop unsightly scars may have to wait 7-10 days for the scars to fall off and heal.


What People are Saying

“Totally worth it!”

I’ve wanted to do something about my thinning hair for years but I worried that traditional hair treatements were too weird for a woman. Stem Cell Interleukins are really amazing and they’re perfect for us gals as our hair thins over the years

Melissa P.

“The future of hair replacment”

Whenever I’d see the old style hair replacments I’d think ‘NO WAY am I ever going to do that!’ Thankfully DrTen20 offers this new option that doesn’t have that horrible Corn Row effect that was always a dead give-away.

Scott F.

“Incredible Results; super fast healing”

I found out about Stem Cell Interleukins just a couple of months before my wedding and was happy to hear that I could heal quickly from this procedure. Nothing would have been worse than having to admit that I had hair replacment surgery right before my big event. Thank you so much, Dr. de la Torre

Silvia O.

“I’m Thrilled”

My dad had the old-fashoned hair transplant years ago and it had always looked so obvious. These Stem Cell Interleukins for Hair Replacement are so great and my results are fantastic (and thankfully it’s all just between me and the good doctor)”

Barry M.